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What good would a tech announcement be without endless speculation beforehand about what we can expect?

That is why the tech world has spent many an hour trying to figure out not only what Google is going to announce on Tuesday, but all the relevant details about each bit of hardware and software expected to make an appearance. Not one to buck tradition, we have rounded it all up here, from phones to smart home assistants to operating systems.

In IT Blogwatch, we make some predictions.

Let's kick things off with Google's new phones. We've been hearing about these for a while, but Daniel P. has some new information"

Just when we thought there couldn't be more leaks about the Google Pixel and Pixel XL coming our way...a serial awesome blue color scheme...with the new...phones...That blue might be Verizon-exclusive...hints that, for the first time in ages, we will have a full suite of Google-made phones on America's largest carrier.

Blue phones. Clearly, big news. What about Google Home? Jaikumar Vijayan shares what he knows:

Google is expected to release Google Home, its much-hyped rival to the Amazon Echo...Google Home integrates Assistant, a virtual assistant technology...designed to let users carry on...a two-way dialogue with Google using conversational speech.
It will let...users use normal speech to control things like their smart home lighting and heating systems...It will also deliver local news and movie information, and provide weather updates...Google Home supports...far-field voice recognition...[it] is capable of recognizing and responding to spoken commands from across a room even with a lot of other background noise.

Sounds interesting. What else can we expect? Steven Musil tells us about virtual reality:

Google is expected to announce...its first Daydream virtual-reality headset...The headset...will likely cost $79...[and] be manufactured by HTC...Daydream is a hardware and software platform running off Google's Android mobile operating system to help any Android phone manufacturer create a VR headset themselves.

What about an updated Chromecast? We've heard mutterings about those. Aditya Madanapalle has some details:

The next generation Chromecast is expected to be unveiled...the new Chromecast is expected to support video streaming in 4K resolution. The current generation of devices can only stream in 1080p resolution. The latest iteration of the Chromecast is expected to focus on video, and provide improved networking capabilities.

What about a router. Hasn't there been something going around about one of those? Selena Larson fills us in: reportedly planning to launch a new router called Google Wi-Fi...the router will have mesh networking capabilities, which link together multiple access points. In theory, this will allow it to act as a Wi-Fi extender and amplify connectivity throughout your home.

Anything else of note? Lots, we're sure, but one thing in particular stands out. Darren Orf tells us about Andromeda:

There has been talk about Google working on a new post-Android operating system that will work across all devices...this OS will be running on a "Pixel 3" laptop scheduled for release late 2017, meaning we likely won't see a new Chromebook from Google at this event.
You're probably still a year away from...buying anything that runs Andromeda. But...we could see demoes...this event could be much more than just new hardware -- it could...usher in an ambitious, all-new Google.
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