TCO: It Matters More as You Grow

Whenever equipment is purchased, particularly in the technology space, the sales price only tells a small part of its financial story.

Whenever equipment is purchased, particularly in the technology space, the sales price only tells a small part of its financial story. Just like a car buyer considers the cost of gas and maintenance, a tech purchaser must look at the total cost of a product over its entire lifetime in order to determine whether it makes sense. This calculation is known as the Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO.

TCO incorporates not just the purchase price of a product but also its ongoing costs in the form of maintenance, supplies, and other expenses. In the case of printer technology, this will generally include the cost of ink or toner, paper, expected repair costs, and the cost of electricity. Advanced TCO costing might even measure the footprint of the device and include a cost metric based on the amount of square footage of the business’s office space it occupies. 

TCO calculations can quickly become complicated, but that calculus is worth it even in a modest SMB operation. When a business is expanding rapidly, the need to execute quickly often results in decisions being made at an accelerated pace, and thorough TCO calculations can find themselves pushed aside. This is usually a mistake, as the added long-term expense of a poorly-planned purchase can be surprisingly huge. The detriment can be particularly profound for a scaling company that can’t afford to be weighed down by burdensome equipment as it grows. 

The good news is that shortcuts exist, including this calculator, which can walk you through the calculations involved in selecting various models of printers. Simply step through the wizard and tell the system how many users you have, how many black & white and color pages you typically print, and what brand and model printer you currently use. The calculator will estimate the annual printing costs of your current printer as well as the costs you would incur with a comparable HP PageWide system. 

HP PageWide is a brand new and unique category in professional printing. Utilizing new printehead technology, HP PageWide printers help businesses reach new levels of efficiency, performance, and competitiveness.

Run the calculator through a simple test and you’ll see how staggering the difference in TCO can be. A lot of that has to do with HP PageWide’s low cost per page metric, which is in part due to its high page yields (the number of pages you can print with a given ink or toner cartridge). Compared against well-established industry standards, HP PageWide technology can cut printing costs by up to half (while printing at up to twice the speed).

It’s just one part of a package that makes HP PageWide the most affordable long-run choice for SMB printing. For businesses seeking advanced printing solutions, only HP PageWide printers can deliver the fastest speeds, affordable color printing, and at a surprisingly lower cost than expected. It all adds up to best-in-class total cost of ownership.

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