5 ways to better survey IT employees

Collaboration and survey tools abound, but actions speak louder than data.

A mans hand and arm are seen depositing a survey into a sealed ballot box

To keep employees' unhappiness from reaching a tipping point, companies are turning to more frequent surveys to gauge the mood of their staffers, thanks to a slew of new survey and collaboration tools that make pulse-taking easier.

It's hard to blame employees for a little work apathy in the summer months when warm weather and vacations beckon. But a recent Gallup poll reveals that employee disengagement is pervasive year-round.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of millennial workers say they are either not engaged or "actively disengaged" at work, meaning they may be unproductive or spreading their negativity to their co-workers, according to the August 2016 poll. The overall average for U.S. employee engagement — the extent to which employees are committed to their organization — sat at 32.6% in June and has hovered between 31% and 33% since 2014.

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