And he was right -- there wasn't A mouse there...

It's a new employee's first day on the job, and he's assigned to a cubicle that's been used as a temporary workspace for visitors ever since the previous occupant departed, according to this IT pilot fish.

"I had the new guy's laptop, but the docking station, keyboard, mouse and monitors were all in the cubicle," fish says. "I asked him if everything was still there. He said he thought everything was, except he wasn't sure if there was a mouse at the workstation.

"I gave him a mouse, and I informed him that when I visited him later that day, if he had an extra mouse, I would take it back with me.

"When I got there, I found an infestation of computer mice! I let the user choose the one he wanted, gave one to another associate to act as a backup mouse for that location and took two back to my office with me. I have no idea how they multiplied at that desk.

"And we'll soon have one more extra, because the style of mouse the new user really wanted is on order."

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