No, really, that was just research!

Flashback to the early days of CD-ROM-based software, when Silicon Valley technology conferences are stumbling over a new problem, according to a pilot fish who was there.

"There was a big debate over whether to allow a company that sold pornographic CDs in the main exhibitors area of one show," says fish. "The last decision I read about was that they would be placed in a side area out of sight from the main floor.

"A couple colleagues and I went to the show and discovered that the organizers had changed their minds and decided to put the booth in the main area. During a break, I asked my colleagues if they had run across the booth.

"Both Fred and Barney said they had not. But Fred said he was interested in checking it out, since he was an arcade game developer and the porn industry was generating cutting-edge ways of handling graphics.

"Fast-forward to the next morning as Fred and I were walking into work together. A female employee from accounting came up to us and asked, 'Fred, were you at the conference yesterday?'

"Fred replied, 'Yes, why do you ask?'

"She said, 'I was watching the news last night and they had a segment on the pornographic exhibitor's booth. When they went to a video clip, there you were in the booth watching the videos.'"

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