Why people are drilling into their iPhone 7s

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This should probably go without saying, but by no means should you drill a headphone jack into your iPhone 7.

Great. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, you might be asking why I felt the need to say that? Well, because drilling holes into a brand new iPhone 7 is exactly what some people are doing after seeing a new YouTube video showing someone doing just that. The video, however, is a prank, whereas people actually trying to reintroduce a headphone jack in their iPhone 7s is anything but funny.

Ok, it's kinda funny.

In IT Blogwatch, we watch it all play out.

So what is this video? Samuel Gibbs has the background:

A video claiming that users can add a headphone socket to the iPhone 7...by drilling into the bottom of their phone has been watched almost 10m times...The prank video...points to the row of small holes...that replaced the headphone socket...on the iPhone 6S and claims that drilling into the second hole on the left reveals a hidden socket.
Once the hole has been drilled the video shows an iPhone 7 playing music, although the sound comes out of the speakers, not the white headphones now inserted in the DIY hole.

Who is the genius behind this prank video? Tony Polanco has the details:

The prank video was created by...YouTuber...Taras Maksimuk (TechRax) who is known for making videos where he destroys technology...Maksimuk has several videos where he destroys iPhone 7s but it appears that those who drilled holes into their...phones never bothered to look at this man’s previous uploads.

Wait, people actually believe it and are drilling holes into their brand new iPhones? According to Don Reisinger, evidently so:

While the...video demonstrates that the headphone hole...does not actually work, it hasn’t stopped several users from actually trying it out...the YouTube video is filled with comments from people who claim to have tried the technique -- only to discover that drilling a hole into the smartphone leaves it unusable.
“Help,” one person wrote on the YouTube page...“Now my old headphones fit in but the phone doesn’t work”...Several other comments evoke a similar tone, with one user complaining that the iPhone 7 is “dead” and wondering if it would require a long charge to come back on.

The flip side of this? Now news outlets are warning iPhone 7 users not to drill into their phones. Chris Smith is in disbelief that he has to let people know this is a prank:

I can’t believe I actually have to write this, but...absolutely don’t try to fix the iPhone 7’s headphone jack problem by drilling a hole where the port used to be. Apple did not leave the internal components in there. You won’t be able to use your 3.5mm headphone jack with a custom made hole...Honestly, I refuse to believe anyone would actually believe Apple would do such a thing in the first place.

So there you have it. Some people are angry they were tricked, some people are incredulous others were tricked, and still others, like low_res_pupper.jpg, are anything but sympathetic:

I wanna blame @TechRax for this so much but honestly these people really needed this lesson.

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