On a roll: HelloSign signs up Salesforce

So simple. But so easy. And a natural partner for Salesforce

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News today from my lifesaver and yours (maybe), HelloSign that, only a week or so after scoring a nice partnership to be the e-signing offering tied into Oracle’s document offering, the company is doing similarly with Salesforce. HelloSign is announcing HelloSign for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange, its own enterprise application store. Using the application, HelloSign customers can request, track and manage signatures within the context of their Salesforce records.

The interesting thing here is that while other electronic signature vendors also have partnerships with Salesforce, this integration allows users to set up and populate templates without leaving their Salesforce user interface. As opposed to other vendors who force users to go through the cognitive dissonance that comes from switching between distinct applications.

This is, in effect, a similar integration to HelloSign’s one within Gmail. I use HelloSign to fill in and sign forms that I receive by email (and, as a father of teenage kids at high school, I seemingly have to fill in permission forms on a daily basis -- HelloSign makes it so easy).

The interaction within Salesforce will be similar. One thing I have found, at least with the Gmail integration, is that speed is a little less than lightning fast. It sometimes takes a little while for documents to render and load within the HelloSign window -- my gut instinct is that there is more lag than there is within the native HelloSign UI -- possible a flip side of a product integration?

Anyway, back to the Salesforce integration. Salesforce customers can now create standard template documents within their Salesforce instance and use them repeatedly. Specific data can be merged from within Salesforce when sending out a template for signing.

Key features of HelloSign for Salesforce Key include:

  • The ability to send contracts for signature: Users can send sales contracts for legally binding signatures directly from Salesforce.
  • Ability to track the status of signatures: The document status is automatically tracked in the Notes & Attachments section making follow up simple. Users can see exactly when their documents have been viewed or signed.
  • Efficiency through the auto-population of high-volume documents: Pre-fill any documents with Salesforce data using HelloSign templates and merge field functionality.
  • Ability to create templates without leaving Salesforce: Users can set up frequently used documents once in Salesforce and reuse as necessary.
  • Access: Users can access eSignature functionality from anywhere within Salesforce including Contacts, Leads, Accounts and Opportunities.
  • Full business branding: Customers can add a company logo and name to email notifications and signature requests for a personal and professional feel.


Admittedly I’m a big fan of e-signing generally and HelloSign in particular. I use hundreds of different software tools, some small and some big. But having spent a quarter of a century in business and having filled out thousands and thousands of different forms over that time, it’s hard not to be a fan of a service that makes the manual system of form-filling obsolete.

As for this new integration, it will prove a real boon for those who spend their days in Salesforce -- there’s a massive existing customer base there and HelloSign should be able to ride that wave well.

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