Special Report: IT security's looming tipping point

Is security making the grade? What IT and business pros really think

When it comes to security, who’s in charge, where do roles and responsibilities overlap, and what are the biggest challenges to aligning infosec and business goals? A joint CSO, CIO, Computerworld survey sheds some light.

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Grading on a curve

If you sense some discontent in how information security is handled in your company, you're not alone. Half of the 287 U.S.-based IT and business professionals who responded to a recent survey from CSO and its sister sites CIO and Computerworld gave their organizations' security practices a grade of C or below.

Contributing to the low scores is a familiar push and pull: Security is under increased scrutiny from the highest levels of the organization, while IT and security staffs and budgets are stretched to their limits.

But there may be something else at work here as well. As anyone who's been branded teacher's pet knows, getting good grades can have unintended consequences. In this case, being too confident in your security practices could draw unwanted attention from hackers, Wells Fargo CISO Rich Baich told CSO.

Maybe the state of security isn't so bad after all? Read on to see what IT and business professionals really think about how their organizations handle infosec.

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