Google's Pixel and Pixel XL announcement -- what we know so far

pixel announcement

It's Tuesday, so that means an announcement for an upcoming tech announcement, and leaked photos of said announcement.

Phew, you got that? If you're still following along, Google has finally (somewhat) confirmed that it will be debuting its new smartphones at an event next month. Pictures were leaked earlier Monday. So how did Google confirm the event? With a video, of course.

In IT Blogwatch, we watch it all unfold.

How do we know the smartphones will be announced next month? John Anon has the background:

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are coming...Google confirmed this thanks to a new video...simply entitled “Google: Oct.4”...the whole video revolves around a shape shifting (tablet-like) design which eventually adopts the shape of a smartphone...this is as good as a confirmation [we] will likely get.
What is equally as interesting...the video description...links to a page where you can sign up to be notified of any developments regarding the event. listed under the domain “”

So what can we expect from these new phones? Chance Miller is in the know:

The Pixel and Pixel XL were leaked earlier...showing off the 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays and each device’s front facing camera, earpiece, and ambient light sensor. On the back of both devices was a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and glass and camera flash.

What about pricing? Do we know anything there? Ryan Whitwam fills us in:

A trusted source tells us...the smaller Pixel phone will start at $649. That means the Pixel XL could be even more...This will most likely be for the base storage model, presumably 32GB.
There will be Pixel financing options available from Google...The financing won't require Fi, but we don't know in which markets it will be offered. There accidental damage coverage plus another year of warranty available for...$99 for Pixel and $119 for Pixel XL. Google will sell a variety of clear and colored Google-branded cases for each phone.

Is Google going to annoucne anything else at this event? Ron Amadeo has the details:

A report...claimed October 4th would see the launch of the two Pixel phones, along with Google Home, the company's answer to the Amazon Echo; Daydream VR, the company's answer to the Samsung Gear VR; and a Chromecast capable of 4K playback.

One more question. Aren't Google's phone's part of the Nexus line? Avaneed Pandey says that Nexus is no more:

A recent report...confirms that Google is...dropping the Nexus name for its Android smartphones, ending a series that began with Nexus One in 2009. And...the company has also "suspended" Project Ara -- its plan to build a modular smartphone with interchangeable components.

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