Work for us? Fine. Get hired? Not so fast...

Software developer pilot fish gets a call from another developer whom he hasn't seen in years -- not since the days they worked together at a bank.

"She was working on some code and saw my name," says fish. "She was there as an IT contractor on a right-to-hire contract -- a try-before-you-buy arrangement. They really liked her during her trial period, and her client-manager began discussions about hiring her as an employee.

"It turns out that, in the time since I was there, the bank got a new name because it had been bought out. And with the new name came some new hiring policies. To be hired, she had to take a test.

"She didn't pass. The test asked all kinds of banking questions. She's an IT person, not a banking expert. Extraction, transformation and loading of data does not require an understanding of how mortgages are written.

"She was still there as an IT contractor several years later."

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