It's not like anybody was there using it, right?

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This small team of state-government auditors arrives at work one morning to find that their server has suddenly gone incommunicado, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"We investigated, and soon determined it had been offline since the previous afternoon," fish says.

"Come to find out that another worker -- a field supervisor! -- came in to the main office to do work and needed an internet connection.

"Rather than take one of the empty desks and ask for a patch cable for her laptop, she proceeded to sit next to our server, remove the cable from the back of the running machine and plug her laptop in that way.

"And when she was done, apparently returning the cable to its happy home was too much of a technical challenge.

"Our own fault, really. The server now sits in a locked room, behind barbed wire, with the traditional 'Das Blinkenlights are nicht fur Gefingerpoken' warning sign."

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