New Guccifer 2.0 DNC dump and Colin Powell's private emails leaked

New DNC documents were dumped by Guccifer 2.0 and two years' worth of former Secretary of State Colin Powell's private Gmails were leaked.

WikiLeaks released a 678.4 MB zipped file of new DNC documents provided by Guccifer 2.0. The hacker had been scheduled to live-stream at the Future of Cyber Security Europe conference in London. However, Guccifer 2.0 opted to use a proxy to read pre-written remarks and announce the newest DNC data dump.

As you know, some experts claim Russian cyber-espionage groups are really Guccifer 2.0.

Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile immediately pointed the finger of blame at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “There’s one person who stands to benefit from these criminal acts, and that’s Donald Trump.”

“The DNC is the victim of a crime — an illegal cyberattack by Russian state-sponsored agents who seek to harm the Democratic Party and progressive groups in an effort to influence the presidential election,” Brazile added. “We have been anticipating that an additional batch of documents stolen by Russian agents would be released. Our legal team is now in the process of reviewing these private documents, and attempting to confirm their authenticity, as it is common for Russian hackers to forge documents.”

Additionally, she warned people who might download the documents to use caution “given the potential malware risks.” That’s not to say there is malware tainting the files, but there have been thousands of malicious files included in WikiLeaks' dumps in the past.

DNC hack is ‘great fiction,’ an ‘inside job’

The whole DNC hack is “great fiction,” according to director Oliver Stone. He told CNN that he doesn’t believe the Russians were responsible; instead, Stone believes the DNC hack “was probably an inside job.” Why would he think that? Stone claims that is what intelligence experts told him, but he refused to go into more detail.

30,000 Colin Powell emails leaked

About 30,000 emails allegedly written by Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, were handed over to DC Leaks. In some of those communications written between June 2014 and August 2016, Powell called Donald Trump “a national disgrace” and an “international pariah.” He suggested the Democrats didn’t need to attack Trump, since calling him “an idiot just emboldens him” and Trump was already “in the process of destroying himself.”

colin powell Tim Greene

During his keynote address at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit former Secretary of State Colin Powell told attendees he had two computers on his desk, one the official secure computer – “clunky and difficult to use” – and the other a laptop with a phone line and modem that he used exclusively for his AOL account.

Others revealed that Powell was really irked at Hillary Clinton since she had tried to point at his use of private email accounts to justify her own use of a private email server.

“Been having fun with emailgate,” Powell allegedly wrote in March 2015, but “Hillary’s Mafia keeps trying to suck me into it.”

He warned the Clinton campaign, “You really don’t want me to get into this,” adding that he didn’t intend to comment upon the Clinton private email server scandal “unless you all start it.”

Clinton ended up telling the FBI that Powell advised her to use a personal email account.

In August, Powell allegedly wrote, “Sad thing is that HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me into it. I told her staff three times not to try that gambit. I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s party to get their attention. She keeps tripping into these ‘character’ minefields.”

When contacted by The Daily Caller, Powell said he had “no idea” if the two years’ worth of emails stolen from his private Gmail account were related to the DNC hack. “I wasn’t aware of any infiltration of my Gmail account. If accurate my privacy has been violated,” Powell said. “As a private citizen I would hope journalists would respect that privacy.”

FBI: Don’t worry about voting system hack cause system is a clunky mess

If you are worried about our electronic voting system getting hacked, FBI Director James Comey said to relax because “the beauty of the American voting system is that it is dispersed among the 50 states, and it is clunky as heck. A lot of people have found that challenging over the years, but the beauty of that is it’s not exactly a swift part of the internet of things, and so it is hard for an actor to reach our voting process.”

Yes, it does sound like you are not to be concerned about the election being electronically sabotaged because the voting system is such a wreck that it would be too challenging for hackers to tweak the outcome. Feel comforted?


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