HP PageWide Brings Healthcare Providers Better Printing at Lower Costs

IT departments in virtually every industry are under pressure to keep costs down while at the same time delivering high-quality services to users.

IT departments in virtually every industry are under pressure to keep costs down while at the same time delivering high-quality services to users. Healthcare companies are no exception, with hospitals, clinics, and other patient care providers constantly looking for ways to leverage technology to support their business without putting additional strain on already tight IT resources.

IntraHealth International is a case in point. The organization works to enhance global health by strengthening health systems and empowering health workers in communities worldwide that have the greatest need. Accomplishing this requires fast response to requests for proposals (RFPs) and cooperative agreements from government entities, foundations, and other organizations that are also trying to bolster health workforces.

IntraHealth deployed HP’s PageWide Pro 552dw printer at the company’s Chapel Hill, N.C. headquarters to support its program development, external affairs, and corporate giving departments. The printer speeds up the proposal development process and provides cost-efficient specialty printing services that support critical events and donor programs.

For the program development department, the printer allowed them to quickly print proposals and supporting documents created in response to RFPs, RFAs, and other cooperative agreements. Delivering fast response and well-crafted, professional proposals helped IntraHealth secure new opportunities to strengthen health workforces and infrastructure.

The HP PageWide Pro’s ease of use has also allowed IntraHealth to save valuable time and IT resources while also gaining in-house, custom-printing capability at a fraction of the cost of external services. Plus, the system complies with the corporate environmental policy that mandates the use of duplex printing. IntraHealth can print more pages while replenishing their cartridges much less frequently thanks to the PageWide high capacity cartridges.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of significant change. As consulting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Health Research Institute notes, 2016 will be the first year for millions of American consumers to have their first video consults, be prescribed their first health apps, and use their smartphones as diagnostic tools. This will also be the year that nurses, doctors, and other clinicians learn to work in new ways, incorporating insights gleaned from data analysis into their treatment plans.

In order to remain viable in an increasingly complex and challenging market that integrates advanced technological solutions to a greater degree each year, organizations in the healthcare industry need to increase office productivity and sustainability, bolster security, and enhance connectivity and workflow.Those that achieve this will likely improve their ability to meet their most important goal of all: delivering quality healthcare services to the communities they serve.

For businesses seeking advanced printing solutions, only HP PageWide printers can deliver the fastest speeds, affordable color printing, and at a surprisingly lower cost than expected. It all adds up to best-in-class total cost of ownership.