Bigger question: Where were you for the past year?

It's summer 2016, and this IT pilot fish is doing a hardware upgrade for a long-time client -- and things aren't going as smoothly as they might.

"I had already done the hardware install on the two-year-old server, and was fighting to get the OS to recognize the changes," says fish. "One of the client's office staff was near me working on paper bills, and a window air conditioning unit behind me was giving me a bit of a chill.

"I was pounding away at the keyboard -- and then the power went off.

"Except I didn't realize that. I only thought how nice it was that someone finally turned off that AC air.

"Soon I realized someone was staring at me. The woman working on the bills had a look look of disbelief on her face.

"What? I asked.

"She said, 'The power is off.'


"She said, 'But anytime the power went off before, everything in here turned off.'

"Oh, I said, there's a big battery back-up next to my feet.

"She asked, 'When did we get that?'

"June 2015. The old one was too small and didn't work, so it was replaced.

"'I didn't know this!' she said. 'Where was I?'

"I sighed, 'On vacation.'"

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