The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall -- what you need to know

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Few people want their new smartphone exploding.

Which is why some people were disappointed when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did just that. While only a small portion of the new flagship phones have caught fire, it was enough for the South Korean company to recall them all. So what caused the pyrotechnics?

In IT Blogwatch, we keep water on hand.

Catching fire? Really? Jethro Mullen and K.J. Kwon have the background:

Samsung is recalling its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone worldwide after reports of the device catching fire while charging...The Note 7 was unveiled just a month ago.
Samsung...found a problem with the battery...and was halting sales. It will replace all 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s...regardless of when they were purchased.
Samsung...said it had been alerted to 35 cases worldwide. far found 24 devices with problems.

These are not the only problems with Samsung's new flagship phone's battery, evidently. Martyn Williams reports other issues:

The Note the latest from Samsung to include a fast charging feature, which attempts to replenish...50 percent of the battery in about 30 minutes. That...can put the battery under...stress.
A review unit...tested by IDG News Service...experienced battery problems on three occasions...In one instance it went from around 60 percent charge to zero in a couple of minutes...on two subsequent occasions it suddenly shut down while showing around 30 percent charge. On all three occasions, the battery showed 0 percent when reconnected to a charger.

So customers get a new phone. What does this mean for the company, though? Se Young Lee has some insight:

Ongoing...problems could derail Samsung's mobile recovery after a string of...successes had reversed the smartphone leader's declining market share.
The South Korean firm...pinned its hopes on the Note 7 to maintain strong sales momentum...against stiffening competition from the likes of Apple...which is expected to release its latest iPhone next week.

What's an electronic's giant to do? Ijaz Ali has one suggestion:

Samsung just updated promo on their website and is now offering a FREE fire extinguisher with every Note 7 ;)

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