The IT job hunter's playbook

This comprehensive toolkit contains everything you need to kickstart your IT job search, including detailed salary data, best places to work in IT, in-demand titles and hottest cities for tech pros, and more.

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It's September, the psychological start to a new year. If your IT career spent the summer in the doldrums, maybe it's time to channel your inner student -- open up a fresh notebook, sharpen your proverbial pencil and get serious about launching an A+ job search.

Fortunately, Computerworld has everything you need to kick your IT job search into high gear. Read on for details on in-demand skills and titles, high salaries, best companies and locations, vertical markets that are looking for tech workers, negotiation tips and more. Then firm up your handshake -- your new job could be just around the corner.

In-demand skills and titles

10 hottest tech skills for 2016: The 10 skills on track to be most in demand throughout the year, according to IT professionals participating in Computerworld's Forecast 2016 survey who said they planned on increasing headcount this year.

9 best technology jobs in the U.S.: The nine best technology jobs, including their median salaries and unemployment rates, as ranked by US News & World Report.

16 in-demand jobs for digital and creative pros: Staffing firm Onward Search's assessment of the most in-demand digital and creative roles, including UX designer, full-stack developer and search-engine marketing manager.

High salaries

IT Salary Watch: Find the latest IT salary news and information, including salary listings for more than 50 job titles as well as representative salaries in various industries and U.S. regions. You can also use our Smart salary finder, which aggregates salary data from more than 3,300 IT professionals, to compare your salary with that of IT workers in similar jobs across the U.S., or broken down by geographical region or years of experience.

Computerworld's IT Salary Survey 2016: This downloadable PDF lists average salaries for more than 40 IT job titles, features an array of charts highlighting key findings from the survey and provides in-depth features on maximizing your salary.

10 tech specialties with rising salaries: Employers are paying top dollar to attract and retain talent in these 10 fields, according to results of Computerworld's IT Salary Survey 2016.

20 hot IT skills that will get you a raise: Based on PayScale median salary data for workers in IT, adding one or more of these 20 skills to your toolset will likely boost your paycheck.

Best companies and locations

Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT: Browse the full special report, check out our map to zoom in and click on Best Places by location, or view, search and sort the list by criteria that are important to you, including company size, location, training budget, days of paid time off and more.

To widen your pool of prospects, also search through our Best Places archives, which lists honorees from 1994 on. For an on-the-go reference, download this pdf: Profiles of all 100 Best Places to Work in IT 2016.

Hottest jobs, cities and industries for IT pay: Drawn from Computerworld's most recent IT Salary Survey of 3,300 technology professionals.

10 best-paying companies in tech: Data gathered by online jobs site Glassdoor on which tech companies pony up the top pay.

Top 10 states for software jobs: Based on data from a survey conducted by BSA - The Software Alliance, an international organization that advocates on behalf of the software industry, these states are best for techies with software skills. 

Top 10 cities for tech workers: A high salary can mean nothing if you're living in a city with a high cost of living, like San Francisco or Boston. But in these 10 cities that are experiencing job growth, you can find a decent salary with a low cost of living.

IT-friendly vertical markets

How to get a job in healthcare IT: Electronic records. Digital and wireless medical devices. Healthcare reform. Aging population. All signs point to healthcare as a stable, long-term choice for IT careers.

How to get a job in financial IT: Tech practitioners with the right mindset -- analytical and dogged -- will find themselves welcome in the resurgent financial services industry.

How to get a job in energy IT: Technology pros in search of a salary windfall should look to energy and utilities, where new exploration techniques, demand for renewable energy and new regulations are opening up jobs.

How to get a job in manufacturing IT: To make it in manufacturing, IT pros need to understand a wide range of technologies, from robotics to good old-fashioned electronics.

How to get a job in IT consulting: Whether it's for a global giant like Deloitte or Capgemini or a small boutique firm, working as an IT consultant is never dull. Here's how to nab a coveted position.

Tips and advice

How to put your IT career on the fast track (with video): Many IT professionals say they would go all-out to land the best jobs, with the best benefits at the best companies. All it takes is up-to-the-minute skills and a whole lot of drive.

How to pump up your paycheck: Why do some tech employees seem to gain ground financially while others lag behind? IT pros share tips on how they managed to get a raise.

Video: Your top 6 IT job-search questions answered: TEKsystems recruiter Dan Scandalito weighs in with answers to six burning questions about today's tech jobs market.

How to look for a job while you're still employed: Ready for a new job, but not ready to let go of your current one? You don't have to. In fact, you're more attractive to potential employers if you're already working.


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