It's the stupid economy -- er, the economy, stupid

It's not that long ago, the economy is in lousy shape, and this pilot fish has landed a job with a small IT vendor back in his hometown.

"When I first got the job, I was happy to be back home and working in the tech field," says fish.

"Then, as I worked there longer and longer, I noticed funny things like the vendor changing names two or three times and paychecks not clearing on the day they were written.

"I also noticed whenever a supplier would call about billing, they would ask for Will.

"One day I needed to go pick up some workstations and a file server at a local distributor. The owner of the company said, 'Just tell them Will sent you.'

"I finally asked one of the other techs, who'd been there a while longer, who this Will was.

"He laughed and said, 'Will Call, because he owes them money under his real name and they won't give him credit. He just changes the company name and billing contact to get more credit.'"

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