'Important government projects,' redefined

User working for a public agency reports that his PC is having some odd problems, and this IT pilot fish gets the job of fixing it.

"I fired it up, and quickly discovered the machine was loaded with porn," says fish. "Not just a few random images, like you can find on virtually every computer, but libraries full of the stuff. And naturally, a bunch of malware had come along with the porn.

"While I was working on the machine, a call came from the user, saying we had to hurry with the repair because he was working on some important government projects.

"I cleaned out all the malware but left the porn, putting it all into one folder in the middle of his desktop. I named the folder 'Important Government Projects' and returned the PC to him.

"A few days later, we got a notice from the user's department that it would henceforth be taking care of its own computer repair needs.

"The user eventually got promoted to the head of that department, and I see him occasionally. I don't think he ever learned exactly who fixed his computer that time."

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