Windows Update update -- you're welcome

On August 5th, I published a blog, "A bug fix bake-off," that compared how five operating systems install their latest bug fixes. Long story short: Chrome OS is great, iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite are fine, Windows 7 and 8 are disgraceful.

It took Windows 7, for example, an hour and 45 minutes to install the six bug fixes released in July, and an hour and 49 minutes to install the six released this month. Most of that time was spent figuring out which bug fixes to install.

In stark contrast, iOS 9, OS X Yosemite and Chrome OS take just seconds to figure out what has to be done.

Ten days after the blog goes live, and "Based on your feedback," Microsoft announces that Windows 7 and 8 are soon going to install bug fixes a whole new way.

Why the change?

One reason given was "scan times." And, after installing bug fixes the same way for years and years, Microsoft finally admitted that "Finding and applying the right patches became challenging."

Ten days later. Coincidence?  


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