Forget PCs -- let's have more of these kits!

Flashback to the early 1990s, when the regional retail chain where this IT pilot fish works is beginning to consider in-store use of PCs.

"We were looking at all the things a PC could do for each store," fish says. "I went to talk to the boss about this. His reaction: 'PCs? Over my dead body!'

"At the time, our shelf signs were made by each store's manager with some pre-printed sign stock and a Sharpie -- or crayons, or whatever was close at hand. Knowing we could do a better job with a PC and laser printer, we developed a stealth project to make this happen.

"We installed the system at one store and invited the boss to see the shelf signs we made with our new 'sign kit.'

"He loved it. We never mentioned that it was the PC he had nixed.

"Today the stores have 10 PCs each and couldn't function without them -- and the boss is now a convert."

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