Time to add a new step to 'the usual process'?

User calls the IT help desk to report that he's lost his mobile phone and there's nowhere else he can think to look for it, says a pilot fish in the loop.

"As per the usual process, the support tech disables the phone with the mobile carrier and in the company device management system, and proceeds to issue a replacement phone to the user," fish says.

"A few months later, the same user calls into the support desk from his home phone. He reports that he dropped his mobile phone down the center console of his car, and after retrieving it he now cannot unlock the phone.

"After the tech makes numerous failed attempts to reset the password, the user gets frustrated and asks why the tech can't fix his phone. User proceeds to tell tech that he's expecting important incoming calls and needs to be able to receive them.

"Tech assures the user that incoming calls will work and can be answered without the password, and dials user's mobile number to demonstrate.

"User reports the phone is not ringing -- but there is a ringing sound coming from the center console of his car.

"After some groping around, he retrieves another phone, the one that was ringing, and that one he can unlock and use. It seems the first phone he found was the one he lost a few months earlier."

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