8 macOS Sierra Menu bar tips you'll use

Hidden in plain sight

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Apple’s triumph is the creation of operating systems that are easy to use that are also equipped with a range of additional features for more sophisticated users. Take a look at what’s tucked away inside the macOS Sierra Menu bar.

Icon management

A little known macOS talent is the ability to shift many of the icons situated at the top right of your Menu bar around. To move an icon just clicks it while holding down the Command key. Now you can drag the item to a new position, being careful not to pull it off the Menu bar. What’s new in Sierra is the ability to move the Menu bar icons for third party applications, as well as the stock Apple apps you could move previously. In the past you were unable to move third party icons.

Do Not Disturb

When working on your Mac there’s an easy way to invoke the Do Not Disturb setting in Notifications view, enabling you to focus on your work without being interrupted by these. All you got to do is press the Option key and click on the Notifications Menu – Boom – look closely and you’ll see that icon grey out. You’ll get no more Notifications until you Option-click the Notifications Menu once again.

Crouching Wi-Fi, hidden Bluetooth

Most Mac users know that if you press the Option keuy while tapping the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Menu bar icons you will uncover valuable information about both, including access to Diagnostics tools.


The fastest way to access your Library folder is to click on Finder>Go, press Option and then choose ‘Library’ when it appears in the drop-down list.

Take Command of Recent Items

If you hold down the Command key while choosing Recent Items in the Apple Menu you can immediately show applications and other items in the Finder using the “Show…” tool that appears.

Love the Option button

You’ll find numerous useful functions if you Option-click Menu bar items in any application, including “Minimize All” and “Zoom All” commands in the Window menu in Finder, for example. Experiment and take a note of what you find, particularly for the applications you most frequently use.

About this Mac

macOS Sierra’s new storage management options in macOS Sierra can be accessed in the Apple Menu, About This Mac>Storage>Manage. The Recommendations tab shows you a list of available storage options, including Optimize iCloud Storage, Optimize Storage, Erase Trash Automatically, and Reduce Clutter.


In macOS Sierra, you can now access and switch between audio inputs and outputs using the redesigned volume control icon. You no longer need to press Option to see available outputs.

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