The Macbook Pro 2016 -- what we know

macbook 2016 four colors

You may not have noticed, since they tend to be so subtle in their praise, but Apple fans are pretty hardcore.

So we expect people to be excited about the news of an redesigned Macbook Pro coming out this year, the first time the company has overhauled the laptop line in four years. So what changes are a-coming? 

In IT Blogwatch, we wait with bated breath.

So what can we expect? Mark Gurman breaks the new:

The new computers have been in advanced testing within Apple since earlier this year...The MacBook Pros aren’t likely to debut at an event currently scheduled for Sept. 7 to introduce next-generation versions of the iPhone.
Apple has also considered bringing gray, gold, and silver colors to the new line, as it has done with..products like the iPhone, iPad, and the 12-inch MacBook...It’s unclear whether colored Pro laptops will be available when the new line is released.

Those are the basics, but what do we know about updates to the actual device (aside from color choices?). Roger Fingas fills in the blanks:

More expensive configurations of the new Pro should use AMD Polaris GPUs, chosen because they're thin and overhauled chassis [is] said to be both thinner and with a smaller footprint...[but] its Force Touch trackpad should be somewhat wider.
Apple is...expected to carry over another feature, USB-C...Apple is lastly said to be bringing Touch ID to the Mac for the first time...This would enable fast logins Apple Pay purchases.

There is one other important change coming to the Macbook Pro. Jonny Evans shares the details:

Apple intends [to introduce] a MacBook Pro equipped with a responsive OLED function control strip...[it] replaces the Function control strip you find on current MacBook will change the keys available to you to reflect the context, so if you are in a movie-editing app you may be presented with a different set of...keys than you’ll find in iTunes.
It seems clear that its new touchsensitive, contextual control strip is yet another bridge between its two computing platforms, Mac and iPad Pro.

So why is Apple introducing a new Macbook Pro now? Is there a method to its madness? Benjie Batanes thinks so:

Apple is currently suffering from slow sales for two consecutive quarters...Sales of its iPad lines have considerably slowed down because the average customers tend to use it for a minimum of three years...iPhone are usually for used for a maximum of two years before they are replaced. 
The MacBook laptop lines are one of Apple's strongest products...The 2015 sales figure for the MacBooks increased by more than $25 billion...However, iPad sales for the same period decreased to $23 billion, which is equivalent to a 23 percent decline.

But in the end, only one thing matters. What do users think about the upcoming Macbook Pro? rkRusty has only one thing to say:

About damn time.

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