The I word

Pilot fish is hired to create an intranet for this manufacturing business, and there's one critical requirement he's given when he takes the job: He can't call it by its name.

"I was told to under no circumstances ever call it 'intranet,'" fish says. "I was told to call it 'I-Web.'

"Turns out that one of the family members that ran the place was a bit technologically ignorant, in addition to being highly paranoid. When the head of IT suggested that we develop an intranet, she went ballistic, making it known in a loud voice that the internet would never be allowed in! Why, all that porn, all that subversion, all those hackers!

"The boss tried to explain that an intranet isn't the same as the internet, but that only got her more agitated.

"So after a few months passed, he again approached her with the idea of an exciting new technology called the I-Web. This time, she was 100 percent on board with it -- because it wasn't the internet."

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