Review: 13 primo Python web frameworks

Python programmers have many excellent options for creating web apps and APIs; Django, Weppy, Bottle, and Flask lead the way

If you are developing a web application and have picked Python as the language to build it in, that’s a smart move. Python’s maturity of development, robust libraries and breadth of real-world adoption have helped make it a no-brainer for web development.

Now comes the hard part: Picking one of the many Python web frameworks available. It’s not only that the number keeps growing, but it can be hard to find the one that best fits your use case. If you’re constructing a quick-and-dirty REST API, you won’t need anywhere near the plumbing and wiring required for a full user-facing application with user logins, form validations, and upload handling.

In this roundup, we’ll examine 13 of the most widely deployed Python web frameworks. We’ll note what kinds of web applications each is best suited to building and look into how they stack up against one another in these six areas:

Installation: How easy or straightforward it is to set up the framework -- projects that don’t require formal installation (it can simply be dropped into an existing project as an included module), require minimal boilerplate to get started, or come with some kind of preconfigured setup get extra points.

Documentation: Nearly every decent Python project has documentation that walks through setup, illustrates basic use cases, and provides details about the APIs. Here, we give higher marks to frameworks that show how to create an entire app as part of the tutorial, include common recipes or design patterns, and otherwise go above and beyond the call of duty (such as by providing details about how to run the framework under a Python variant like PyPy or IronPython).

Management: This is a relative score, indicating how much work is required to configure and maintain the framework. Minimal frameworks score higher here by default.

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