Because THAT'S the kind of boss we really need!

This IT pilot fish works for a big museum, and he's just finishing up some maintenance on a PC when the secretary for a museum executive asks him for help.

"The VP had tasked her with copying all the government regulations off the Ministry of Culture's website -- the overseeing agency for the museum -- with the intention that the regs would then be placed onto the museum's website," groans fish.

"I looked at what she was trying to do, and it turned out to be around 20MB of PDFs she was trying to download -- onto a floppy disk that the VP had given her for the task.

"I took away the disk and sent her back to her office, and told her I would deal with the VP.

"In the VP's office, I tried to explain to him what the problem was, what hyperlinks on websites are for, why making our own copy of such material was a bad idea in the first place and that when he wanted to do something like this he should come to the IT department and explain what he wanted to accomplish, and we could do it in the most appropriate manner.

"Mostly what I got for my trouble was a blank stare. I don't think he ever did understand what the difficulty was.

"He left shortly after that to become the dean of something at a local university. After a few years of being a dean, he came back to the museum and is now in charge of a new umbrella division, formed after he left -- and one of the departments it includes is IT."

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