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Computerworld Digital Edition - August 2016 [cover]

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Bridging IT’s Growing Generation Gap

Computerworld Digital Edition - August 2016 [cover]

Deft management skills and a lot of empathy are required to balance the priorities and expectations of millennials, baby boomers and the Gen X-ers stuck between them. Here’s how to manage them all.

Legacy to the Rescue

The savings gained from efficient management of legacy systems can be used to fund projects that explore innovative new technologies.

Huge Data, Speedy Turnaround

IT leaders share their adventures in scaling analytics infrastructures so they can harvest the hard data needed to back up business-critical decisions.

News Analysis

Google’s Chrome browser has won the browser wars, claiming 49% of users worldwide as Microsoft’s share falls to 37%.

Career Watch

We talked to officials from CompTIA to find out what skills are hot in today’s IT job market and how newcomers can get hired when they lack the training employers hope for.

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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