Microsoft cumulative update brings Windows 10 beta 1607 up to build 14393.5

KB 3176927 brings a handful of small patches and stability improvement for Edge extensions

Microsoft releases second cumulative update for Windows 10 beta version 1607

Last night Microsoft released a second cumulative update for its latest beta build of Windows 10. Riding in on KB 3176927, the cumulative update brings the Win10 beta up to version 1607, build 14393.5.

If you aren't running the Windows 10 beta build -- if you aren't a Windows Insider, in other words -- there's nothing to see here. Move along.

I don't know why, but somebody at Microsoft is starting to refer to these releases as "zero-day patches." That terminology makes about as much sense as "Fall Update," so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. These pre-release cumulative updates don't have anything to do with zero-day vulnerabilities; they aren't even security patches. They simply plug up a bunch of niggling bugs in build 14393, before the Anniversary Update is made available on Aug. 2.

This time, the KB article emerged only five or six hours after the update rolled out. The KB lag time is getting better -- let's hope that's a trend. Unfortunately, the KB article doesn't contain a list of the changes -- although it has a fabulously long file manifest list.

If you want to go over the changes, crank up the Insider Hub (in Windows 10), and look at the announcement "Cumulative Update Build 14393.5 for PC and Mobile now available."

I found this documented change to be particularly interesting:

We have improved reliability and performance of Microsoft Edge with AdBlock and LastPass extensions enabled. These extensions should continue to work after installing other extension updates from the Store.

I've had a lot of problems working with Edge extensions. Perhaps those extensions will start working better with build 14393.5.

It's interesting to watch beta versions of extensions working on top of beta versions of Edge working on top of beta versions of Windows 10. There are a lot of moving pieces that need to fall into place before it will all work right.

There's a reason why we've only seen a dozen or so Edge extensions. The ones that work are trivial; the ones that aren't trivial don't work.

Hang in there. We may get another cumulative update or two before the whole kit 'n caboodle ships on Aug. 2.

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