With a name like that, what else could it be?

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Flashback to the late 1980s, when this pilot fish is a tech support manager for a regional bank, so he knows all the brand names that matter in his data center.

"I was friends with a couple, one of whom worked for Attachmate," fish says. "I was well aware of that company and what it did -- providing products for mainframe IBM 3270 terminal emulation on PCs. But that was something not easily explained to a non-techie.

"While attending a party at this couple's house, I overheard another Attachmate employee's conversation. Someone had asked him where he worked, and he said 'Attachmate.'

"The woman he was talking to asked, 'What's that?' The guy responded, 'You never heard of Attachmate? It's the best computer dating service on the planet!'

"I could see several other Attachmate employees in that group were trying very hard to not break out in laughter at his 'explanation' of what their company did. I never did hear if he eventually told that woman the truth."

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