Last gasp: Microsoft updates Get Windows 10 nagster, KB 3035583, yet again

Windows 7 and 8.1 customers have another new version of GWX, now with a countdown clock

With nine days to go, Microsoft really, really wants you to claim your free upgrade to Windows 10. Come to think of it, Microsoft has really, really wanted you to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8.1 PC to Windows 10 for more than a year, and backed it with the GWX subsystem -- first installed by KB 3035583 in March 2015, 15 months ago.

Poster Chris on AskWoody put it quite accurately:

Because, y'know -- the dozens and dozens of times I have vehemently and viciously said "No Bloody Way!" to any and all of Microsoft's Windows 10 nonsense over the past year may have just been playful flirtation on my part … all to get them to try harder.

Now the flirtation includes a yellow exclamation for an icon in the system tray, a popup with a hamburger icon, and a countdown clock that tells you that there's just 9 days 7 hours 16 minutes and 77 seconds until Armageddon. You're given the options of "Decline free offer" and "Upgrade now."

sorry to interrupt

If you decide to upgrade now, you'll get the old Windows 10.1, version 1511, released last November, build 10586. You will have 31 days to roll back to your original operating system, although the rollback is not without problems.

It isn't clear if declining the free offer actually, you know, declines the free offer. I wouldn't be too surprised if there was a new KB 3035583 in the near future that says "Are you really, really sure?" or "Upgrade now or we'll kill this bunny."

At any rate, GWX Control Panel will keep the icon from appearing, wipe out all vestiges of the GWX program, and make your system whole once again, give or take an unpleasant memory.

If you're unsure, before you take the plunge, you might want to check out the InfoWorld review of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is the fancy new version of Windows 10 that awaits all Win10 upgraders on or about Aug. 2.

Two more patches that appeared overnight.

KB 3173040, the purple page patch, throws a full-screen "Sorry to interrupt" message on Win7 and 8.1 machines (screenshot).

sorry to interrupt

Once again, GWX Control Panel will keep the purple cow ("… I'd rather see than be one") from appearing.

Both of our new GWX-infected friends appear as "recommended" and will thus appear on your Windows Update list as checked -- ready to install -- if you have the Windows Update setting "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" option checked. (Yet another good reason to uncheck the option.)

KB 3172615, the July update rollup for Server 2012, also showed up. For some reason, the KB article is already up to version 2 -- and I can't find any reason for the revision.

I've seen reports that the patches are rolling out slowly. If you use Windows 7 or 8.1 and haven't seen the patches yet, wait a while.

t/h PKCano, ch100, Chris and all the others who are filling in as my eyes and ears

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