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This IT pilot fish is working as a contractor at a client site where he has far too much opportunity to observe one particular IT manager.

"She would have been better managing teenage fast-food workers than software professionals," grumbles fish. "For instance, one of her staff was up most of one night working on a production problem. She formally wrote him up with a warning in his HR file because he didn't call to report he wouldn't be at work in the morning.

"H-1B visa contractors were forced to work crazy hours without extra pay. No support was provided for the subject experts on various systems that were facing sunset.

"She was always nice to me, but I didn't report to her. I certainly had little respect from seeing what she did to her staff.

"A few years later, I was staffing a job fair for a company where I was working. We were hiring like crazy while going through a tremendous growth spurt.

"I recognized this manager while she was still in line. It took her a moment to place me.

"Let's just say that her resume did not end up in the 'for further consideration' pile. I had no desire to work with her -- or subject my peers to her 'management' techniques."

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