Pokémon Go down, target of DDoS attack

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People the world over are heartbroken, forlorn, just not seeing the point of it all anymore.

And who can blame them? Pokémon Go has been down or playable only sporadically all weekend, target of a distributed denial of service attack. But who would be so callous as to hit Pokémon Go?

In IT Blogwatch, we gotta catch all the answers.

So what exactly is going on? And who is behind this? Kate Conger gives us the background:

Having trouble logging in to Pokémon Go this weekend? You’re not alone.
A hacking team called OurMine has spent the past several hours hitting Pokémon Go...with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, leaving some players frustrated and unable to log in.
But OurMine isn’t the only group trying to knock the popular game offline...Poodle Corp also claimed to have attacked Pokemon Go this weekend.

Both groups are claiming DDoS attacks. But what are the makers of Pokémon Go saying? Not a whole lot. Shaun Lee explains what is going on:

DDOS is way hackers cause servers to crash by flooding them with...requests...to the point the servers aren’t able to handle the traffic flow, causing servers to crash...Pokémon GO trainers took to social media to vent their frustrations.
However, the creators of the game, Niantic has refused to confirm or deny the allegations...The company has posted a message on its website informing trainers that its servers are currently experiencing server issues and that a fix is in the works...Niantic also thanked...its players for being patient but didn’t mention anything about an attack on its servers.

It seems that Pokémon Go is having a bit of bad luck -- this is not the first time the game has gone down, nor is it the only negative press it has gotten. Will Worley fills in the details:

Pokémon Go servers also crashed...soon after launching, due to unprecedented demand.
The incident is one of many...relating to the game since its launch...A man crashed his car into a tree...Friday...admitting to police he had been distracted by the game.
On Thursday two men in San Diego fell off a cliff after they climbed over a fence...to catch the animated characters.

Not suprprisingly, Pokémon Go players are a little distressed. Ali-A puts this whole ordeal in context:

When the Pokémon GO servers are down life feels pointless... Where's all those Pidgey's to catch? Eggs to hatch?

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