But...but where are your PRIORITIES?!?

It's time to review this IT shop's disaster recovery plans, and the topic of staffing comes up, reports a longtime IT pilot fish who's in on the discussion.

"Management figured they'd just ship the important technical staff out of the area and put them up in hotels, and they'd work at the DR vendor's site," says fish.

"Possible disasters ranged from issues with the building -- fire, broken water pipes, power problems inside -- to external natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado or earthquake, to civil strife.

"Knowing that the majority of the important technical staff live within a couple miles of the office, I asked about families in the case of the external disasters.

"Blank looks all around.

"I finally had to explain it to them: 'If there is a natural disaster significant enough to take out this building, what do you think will happen to Joe's house? We all know Joe lives less than a mile away. If his house is taken out, what do you think will happen to his wife and young kids? Do you really think he'll leave them to fend for themselves in a shelter -- or worse, in a hospital if there are injuries -- while he gets to hang out at a hotel and eat restaurant food?'

"They didn't like my points. They were sure that Joe, and all the others, would drop everything for the good of the company."

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