Nest's outdoor camera and Google A.I. tell you when someone's at your door

nest outdoor camera

Nest has a new outdoor camera, and it comes with a butterfly.

Ok, I might be kidding about that butterfly part, even though there is one in the PR picture (above). But the camera does come with some very cool, Nest-esque features, including sensors that use A.I. to figure out if that is an actual person in the frame, or a falling leaf.

In IT Blogwatch, we come a-knocking.

Are you one of those people who were pointing your indoor Nest camera outside? Or one of the few who actually put it outside? Now there is a camera specifically for your needs. Jordan Kahn gives us the background:

Today...Nest is launching...the...Nest Cam Outdoor, as well as a redesigned app and new features.
The most notable enhancement over the...indoor-only necessary weatherproofing for outdoor use.
There’s a 1080P HD camera that gives you a 130° view and night vision via 8 built-in infrared LEDs, and a built-in speaker and microphone...The camera has a magnetic base...for ultimate adjustability for viewing angles...The camera comes with a cable and adapter, and you’ll have to figure out the best option for wiring in your particular outdoor environment.

Sounds cool! So how does it work? Rich Edmonds breaks it down for us.

This particular unit requires an outlet and does not run on batteries...the use of main power means the Nest Cam can continue recording and uploading footage...without needing to turn itself off and activate once movement is detected...On the flip side, should you happen to lose power to your home, the camera becomes decoration.
There's no built-in you'll need to make sure your Wi-Fi remains up and running. That said...all video streamed is encrypted. Sound like the perfect solution to add to your security setup? You can pre-order it now for $199.

What about the accompanying app? How is that going to work with the new outdoor camera? Turns out, it is getting an upgrade, and will be using Google-power A.I. to detect people via the outdoor camera. Michael Brown has the details:

Nest...will also release a software update...All users will get a new feature called Spaces that enables users to “place” all their Nest products within “rooms” inside their can place icons representing [Nest] devices in a graphical representation of your home and be able to control all of them from one screen on the app.
Subscribers to the Nest Aware service...will get a new feature called “person alerts.” This...server-based algorithm...will analyze the feed from your camera in real time to distinguish a human being from anything else that might appear...If the algorithm determines that it’s a person, it will send an alert to the app...Nest's person alerts won't use facial recognition to try to identify who the person in front of the camera is.

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