New Windows 10 beta build 14388 creeps out to Windows Insiders on 'Fast' ring

Microsoft's servers must be feeling the burn: Users voice concerted complaints about slow downloads for late-stage beta indistinguishable from the one released over the weekend

Microsoft released its latest beta build of Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Tuesday afternoon. There was very little to compensate for the intrusion -- version 1607 build 14388.0.rs1_release.160709-1635 is virtually indistinguishable from build 14385, which was released over the weekend.

As befits a very-late-stage beta, the official announcement contains little meat and a bit of fluff (TL;DR). Microsoft fixed a few obscure bugs, created a couple more, and didn't introduce anything worthwhile.

The part I find most fascinating is users' concerted complaints about slow downloads. Each time an update goes out, it seems that Microsoft pushes an entirely new copy of Windows 10. Multiply that largess by a few million, tack on simultaneous Patch Tuesday downloads, add some new streaming videos from the Partner's Conference, and you've got the makings of a major traffic jam.

Once the download does finally complete, there are just a few minor problems reported on reddit.

One note on the new Anniversary Update SDK, should you dare to install it:

This is still a pre-release build of the SDK. While the EULA does state this is an RTM release, it is not. This release does not have a go-live license. Apps built with this SDK will not be allowed to be on-boarded to the store.

Insider quiz: When is an RTM not an RTM? Answer: When it's a build 14388.

Bonus question: What is RTM as a service?

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