For once, WE aren't the last ones to find out

IT boss gets an email from the head of another department, asking for some user permissions to be adjusted, according to a pilot fish in the loop.

"The email said he wanted permissions to be granted to a few individuals 'or whomever it may be. I am out of here,'" fish reports.

"My boss replied, 'Are you quitting?'

"The response: 'Yes.'

"Boss told me to call the HR manager to confirm the 'rumor' that this department head was leaving. HR manager said, 'Haven't heard this. Is the rumor from a reliable source?'

"I went to talk to the HR manager in person, with the department head's key card that he had already turned in, to confirm the rumor. I was trying to figure out if that day, or the next day, was this employee's last day, as he had already turned in his keys.

"She was surprised that he was leaving, because he had been in her office several times earlier that day..."

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