How to rebuild your career after a layoff

Here's what recovering from a layoff looked like for three technology professionals -- and six steps you should take to engineer your own comeback.

Technology professionals and managers are used to being in high demand, but no sector is immune to layoffs and economic disruption.

In January of this year, VMware announced it was cutting 800 jobs as part of a transition to emerging technologies. In May, Microsoft announced that over 1,800 staff will lose their jobs, including many in Finland who formerly worked for a Nokia business unit that Microsoft purchased in 2014. IBM and Intel have announced global job cuts exceeding 10,000 positions each.

Beyond the headlines, these events are distressing to those directly impacted as well as those who fear they may be next.

If you find yourself in this situation, take heart. There is life after the layoff. Your career will recover.

Navigating through layoffs

Once the shock wears off, there is work to be done. Here are the stories of three tech pros who went through layoffs and how they got their careers started again.

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