11 iOS 10 tips you’ll use

Get to know what to expect from iOS 10 when it ships

Apple’s latest mobile OS, iOS 10, is packed with new additions and new ways to get things done, but what follows are eleven tips you’ll almost certainly use once the public beta ships later this summer or when the final OS reaches out in Fall.

Swipe different

The lockscreen has become much more useful in iOS 10, for example:

  • Swipe right to left to open Camera app
  • Swipe left to right to access things like music, weather, public transport info and any other app that supports this mode that you choose to add.
  • Swipe down to access Notifications – Devices with 3D Touch can act on incoming Notifications without needing to launch the relevant app.

You add or remove widgets using the Edit button at the bottom of widget windows.


On an iPad, iOS 10 lets you open two Safari browser windows side-by-side (Split View). It works like this:

  1. Tap the + to open a second tab, now tap, hold and drag that tab to the right of the X, your Safari browser window should shrink slightly and display a grey area.
  2. Drop the second tab in that great area and the second window should open.

You can drag tabs between the two browsers, but you cannot use app multitasking while in Safari split view mode.

Raise to Wake

If enabled the new Raise to Wake feature (available in Settings>Display % Brightness) means you will gain instant access to Notifications view when you raise your device. Of course, you may not want to enable this feature if you’re accustomed to leaving your device in shared spaces.

Work together

When you write a new Note you’ll find a new Share icon at top right. Tap this and you can choose to add people to collaborate on the Note. You can also invite people to work with you using an email, Twitter and other services.

Quick response

The fastest way to respond to an incoming iMessage is to double tap on the incoming one to access some quick and easy responses: Thumbs up, a love heart, thumbs down, question mark, exclamation mark and ha-ha.


Pull up Control Center and tap the torch icon and your iPhone becomes a flashlight. In iOS 10 you will be able to use 3D Touch to change the intensity of the light (Low, Medium, High).

Fast Camera

Tap and firmly press the Camera icon in Control Centre and 3D Touch kicks into effect. Now you can launch your app in the correct mode to take a photo, video, record Slo-mo or take a selfie.

Video settings

You can now set video to download in best available or a more compressed setting in order to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Maps improvement

Maps now at last lets you see a dynamic view when you’re following a route. This means you can easily pan out to see what the journey ahead might be like. (A boost to side seat navigators everywhere). Another key improvement? Apple Maps can now surface places you’ve recently viewed in Google Maps, making it much easier if you happen to click on a Google Maps link online for a location you want to navigate to using Apple Maps.


Threaded messages make it easier to keep track of conversations, but do remember that in Settings>Mail you get to choose whether to show the oldest or newest message first, or to switch the feature off altogether. A new filter button lets you apply filters (such as ‘Show Unread Messages’) to a Mailbox, while the Move feature is smart enough to try predicting which folder you might want to move a messages to.

Donate your organs

Apple plans to introduce an easy sign-up process in a future iteration of the Health app that should encourage people to donate their organs in the event of their demise.

Will you be installing iOS 10 when it ships? Let us know in comments below!

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