Android 7.0 Nougat -- what you need to know

android nougat

It's finally happened! Shout it from the rooftops, tweet it from your nexus phone -- Google has announced that the official name of the Android N operating system is Android Nougat.

Is it the name everyone was expecting? Maybe not, but it follows Android's naming conventions. Nougat will officially be released this fall, but that hasn't stopped everyone from talking about it now. 

In IT Blogwatch, we serve up the tasty parts. 

Why Nougat? And what exactly is that? Ken Salcedo gives us the background info:

Google has announced...the next version of its Android mobile operating system is Nougat, a type of candy...with sugar, honey and nuts.
Android Nougat will be version 7.0...Keeping with tradition, Google has named [it] after a sweet treat that's in-line with the alphabet.
The first version of Android to be named after a sweet was version 1.5 Cupcake...followed by Donut...Eclair...Froyo...Gingerbread...Honeycomb...Ice Cream Sandwich...Jelly Bean...KitKat...Lolliop...and currently, Marshmallow.

There were of course other, ahem, more popular name choices. CliveSon expresses his disappointment:

What's a Nougat? Why was it not Nutella? Everyone knows what Nutella is, eveybody loves Nutella. #NutellaLove

Alright, CliveSon. Think you can handle the (possible) truth? Alexander Maxham offers one explanation:

This name was in the list of...popular names...but to be honest, they missed a prime opportunity here. For starters, if you look around the internet...many people don’t even know what a “Nougat” is, while the rest think it’s pretty boring.
Many were hoping that Google would go with Nutella, and put together a partnership with Nutella like they did with Nestle for KitKat...But Google decided not to strike a partnership with Nutella -- there are also jokes...that Nutella sounds too close to Satya Nadella...the CEO of competitor, Microsoft. Nutella would have...been a...more exciting name than Nougat....and...most people have had [it] before, or at least heard of [it]. 

Great, so now we all know about the name. How exciting. What about Android Nougat itself? John Hoff tells us what to expect:

Android Nougat promises to bring you a variety of “tastes” and features...Front and center...will be the multi-window support...Also, Google is bringing a better Doze functionality...Then there’s the seamless auto-update, which allows the operating system to download Android core level updates in the background and install them when you restart.
Among the other features that will differentiate Nougat...will be the launching of the new Android VR platform called Daydream...We know...that Tango technology will be baked in to Nougat and will be available if your device has hardware to support it. Also, you may want to watch out for new navigation buttons.
So are you excited yet?

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