Google's Sundar Pichai joins ranks of those hacked by OurMine

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You know what they say -- you're nobody 'til somebody hacks you. Well, luckily for Sundar Pichai, as of Sunday he is finally somebody. 

The Google CEO has been hacked by OurMine, the latest in a long line of big names in tech to be compromised. You would've thought tech execs were impervious to hacks, but celebs, they're just like us!

It IT Blogwatch, we test our security. 

Shirley Siluk gives us the background in OurMine Hacking Group Breaks into Google CEO's Quora Account:

Three weeks after...taking control of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts...hacker group...OurMine has broken into Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Quora and Twitter accounts.
In addition to gaining access to Pichai's Quora account...OurMine was also able to autopost comments...via his linked Twitter account, which has 509,000 followers.
In response to a Quora question about best applications and extensions for Gmail, the group replaced Pichai's response with the message, "Hey it's OurMine, we are just testing your security, please visit OurMine to upgrade it."

Curious how is OurMine accessing these accounts? Alex Hern explores one possibility in Google CEO Sundar Pichai joins long list of celebrities hacked by OurMine group:

One common thread among some -- but not all -- of the hacks is the presence of link shortening service Bitly...that was...popular when Twitter counted every character of a URL against its 140-character limit. Many Twitterers...have given Bitly permission to read and write tweets, and that appears to be backfiring now.
OurMine is keen to build publicity for its hacks...The group...makes a point of sending a notification about every one via a Twitter direct message, and explained that the [Channing] Tatum hack...involved Bitly.
“We hacked his Bitly and there was his password on gmail, and we hacked his gmail and we checked the saved passwords of his browser and we got his twitter password,” the hacker said. “We have a vulnerability.”
Bitly deny any vulnerability, though, instead saying that the problem is...password reuse.

Who else has been hacked? And Michael Kan asks who will be next?

OurMine said...that it would continue to hack the accounts of tech executives and celebrities. Last week, the group claimed to have taken over the Twitter accounts of movie star Channing Tatum and of Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify
On Monday, the group hit the Twitter account of Amazon CTO Werner Vogels...Vogels said it was actually his Bitly account that had been compromised.

So what's OurMine's endgame here? Abhimanyu Ghoshal explains in Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account has been hacked:

OurMine is attempting to rebrand itself as a "security firm" and offering its support to those it targets...It’s probably not the best way to garner your potential customers' trust, but that’s the way OurMine seems to enjoy doing business.

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