If you wondered why Windows XP is still around...

It's early December 1999, and this small manufacturing company in San Diego is finally getting around to asking about Y2k, according to a pilot fish who's called in to help.

"They were running a Prime 750, a 32-bit superminicomputer that first shipped in 1979," says fish. "They had never done any maintenance or upgrades, or even rebooted in all that time. I think they had a backup.

"The company in Boston that had inherited their maintenance contract had nobody. I was freelancing at the time and got sent to do an OS upgrade.

"But when we powered down, it wouldn't reboot. So a hardware engineer worked on it a couple days while I visited the beach and my in-laws.

"After the hardware issue was resolved, everything else went slick as you please.

"For all I know, they're still running their manufacturing process on that Pr1me 750."

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