How (and why) to customize the Windows 10 Start menu

The Windows 10 Start menu is a blend of navigation from Windows Phone and Windows 7, and it's highly customizable. We’ll walk you through it.

Opening Windows 8 for the first time and, gulp, not finding a Start menu had a lot of us tech-types sweating; ordinary users were dismayed and annoyed. We thank you so very much, Microsoft, for bringing it back in Windows 10 — and making even better.

The new Start icon has a dual function: One click opens the Start menu and a right-click displays the Quick Access menu for advanced system tools, such as Event Viewer, Device Manager and Command Prompt. What more could you want? Plenty! Let's look at why an administrator might want to customize the Start menu and the steps for making changes that stick.

Why to change the Win 10 Start menu

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