WWDC: 12 iOS 10 features you probably didn't know about

Just a few iOS 10 improvements you may be unaware of

Scheduled to ship in Fall, Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 10, promises a host of flagship features. And just like every release, for every key feature you’ll find many small improvements that aren’t discussed much, so here’s a baker’s dozen of some of the cool new things you might not have come across just yet:

Getting there

While both remain separate views, Apple has done lots of work to make Notifications, Control Center (and the Lock Screen) more useful. Flick across Control Center panes to get to things you want to use, including a dedicated and attractive Media Center view. 3D Touch works on some quick launch shortcuts in Control Center, for example. We’ll discuss these in more depth over the next few weeks.

Personal iMessages

As widely discussed, digital touch support means you can now send heartbeats and other touching items from an iOS device, not just Apple Watch. You can also send messages in your own handwriting, which recipients will see appear on their display. Read more about iMessages here.


Not only will the OS suggest Calendar events like meeting times and places based on iMessage threads, but it can offer time to leave and location suggestions and is much better at handling events found in email.

Intelligence everywhere

To be fair, intelligence across Apple’s operating systems is evidenced everywhere, from Photos faces and memory identification to the capacity for Maps to suggest meeting places and times to iMessage’s ability to replace anything you write with Emoji symbols. We’ll look in more detail at such implemented intelligence later in the week.

In the RAW

iPhoneographers will love that iOS 10 lets them edit photos in RAW image format, an uncompressed format. And, of course, you can also look forward to the Live Photos image stabilization and editing you need third party apps for now.

New Clock is nice

The Clock app has lots of new features, but the revised interface has to be the best, everything is visible on one page, including what time you think you should sleep and wake.

Storage optimization

This new Music setting automatically removes tracks you don’t listen to from your iPhone to save storage space. You can set this to a minimum music storage level between 4GB to 32GB of tracks.


Trust me, you’ll be glad Apple introduced Notes collaboration. It means you can start a Note you can share with others enabling you both to collaborate on projects. You’ll also enjoy side-by-side Safari multitasking.


Mail in iOS 10 lets you unsubscribe from newsletters in a couple of taps, no need to visit websites and other such nonsense. Oh, and Game Center’s gone, too. Cya!

Spam alert

iOS 10 will scan online databases to warn you if you are likely to be receiving a dodgy spam call.

Shine the light

If you use your 3D Touch-capable iPhone as a flashlight then you’ll be able to set the intensity of the light just by hard pressing the icon in Control Center.

iCloud Drive Desktop, Documents

Yes, you’ll be able to access the contents of your Sierra Mac’s Desktop and Documents folders from an iOS device using iCloud Drive. I think this is going to make a profound difference to how we work.

Where’s my car?

Apple Maps will automatically remember where you park. Then, when it’s time to go back to your car Maps will offer its location up as a recommended destination.


Apple puts a lot of focus on accessibility. I’ll be discussing this in much more detail soon, but it is noteworthy that the useful iOS/Apple Watch Activity App is now also optimized for wheelchair users. Developing this took lots of research and the effort itself is a good example of how the company continues to dedicate a lot of resources to making its platforms approachable to anyone.

Want more features? Here’s a pretty useful list.

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