Welcome to Monday, when everything is your fault

Support pilot fish spends a week and a half being run in circles by an offsite employee named Fred who has a laptop problem -- along with more than a few communication issues.

But eventually the problems are cleared up, so fish is a little surprised to get an email a few days later from the office manager:

Fred complained to me that you changed his system to Spanish. Did you? He really ticked me off by blaming you.

Fish replies promptly: Uh, no. Why in the name of the seven hells would I do that?

Office manager: He also ticked me off when I gave him this computer. He asked why I was giving him a new computer; I answered that it was because his old one stopped working. Then he complained that it didn't work. I asked him if he thought I would send him a broken computer; he replied "possibly." I then asked if he thought so little of me that I'd do something like that; he replied "possibly."

Fish: Would you mind if I yell -- er, let him know, if/when I talk to him next, that I'm kind of upset he blamed me for this?

Office manager: I wish you would.

Sighs fish, "I don't think Fred has much of a future here."

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