'Your resume is sitting on the fax'

IT pilot fish has worked as a contractor pretty frequently, but he's a regular employee at this company when a friendly co-worker comes over and says, "Hey, did you know that your resume is sitting on the fax?"

"I always kept in touch with multiple contract brokers, even when I was an employee -- you never know when the perfect assignment will come along!" says fish.

"Imagine my surprise when I heard about the fax. I jumped up, ran over to the machine and grabbed the printed copy. It was obvious that one of the contract brokers had slapped their logo onto my resume and faxed it over to one of the managers at this company.

"I called the manager at that broker -- skipping over the marketer who had faxed my resume -- and, as calmly as I could manage, explained the situation. I reminded him that I always required prior approval before submitting my resume.

"I also mentioned that I was already working at their would-be client, so I had prevented embarrassment for the broker as well as for myself.

"He called me back a short time later after talking to the marketer, who had just been hired. He promised that it would never happen again, and that a story would be told to the client manager that the wonderful resource they were going to present was actually not available.

"But you would really think they'd ask first, wouldn't you?"

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