Six weeks, six months, six days

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IT pilot fish loses his contracting job in a sudden headcount reduction, which means he's unexpectedly looking for work.

"I got a call from a contract broker for a six-week project at a medical data provider," says fish. "While I avoid short-term contracts, I figured I could get it extended, or find another longer-term contract during those six weeks. I passed the interview, got hired and fit right in.

"A couple weeks later, the client approached me about extending the contract to six months. That was fine with me -- the work was interesting, the commute wasn't bad, and I was getting a good rate: a win all around.

"By the end of that week, a big project staffed by employees was canceled, so a bunch of us contractors were let go.

"The contract broker did get the client to keep me on board until the end of the next week. And before those six days were up, I had a new contract at a previous employer where I had been laid off due to 'lack of work.'"

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