Hey Siri? Call 911 for Gi-Gi. She'll be right, mate. Bonzer

Apple PR happier today. Turns Tim’s frown upside-down.

Apple Siri “helped save” a toddler in Australia, who’d stopped breathing. Her mom yelled at her iPhone to call an ambulance.

Strewth, cobber. Stacey Gleeson’s daughter Giana Gleeson is well again—London to a brick.

Yes, Apple PR is celebrating a good-news story for a change. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers unpick what actually happened.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Let’s Speak Australian

What’s the deadset, Sheila? Djuro “fair dinkum” Sen gives good oil from dunundah—Siri helps to save life:

Stacey Gleeson saw on the baby monitor that her daughter had turned blue. ... One-year-old Giana had stopped breathing.

“Hey Siri, call the ambulance,” she yelled. ... The parents...are urging others to activate Siri on their phones.

You beauty. Aunty’s Zoe Kleinman adds detail—Siri calls ambulance:

A woman from...Australia used Siri to call an ambulance [when] her one-year-old daughter...stopped breathing. Stacey Gleeson...shouted at the handset...and told it to get the emergency services...as she began CPR.

Giana...had been battling a chest infection and bronchiolitis. [She] was breathing again when the ambulance arrived.

The story has now gone viral after Ms Gleeson contacted Apple. ... "As cheesy as it sounds I wanted to say thank you."

But exactly how did Siri help save this grommet’s life? Here’s comnsense:

Using Siri allowed her to continue to perform CPR while simultaneously calling for an ambulance. ... CPR requires you to start immediately and...without stopping as the muscles/organs are already decaying. ... You are attempting to keep blood flowing and oxygen getting to all vital organs.

Did Siri save her daughter? No, but it sure helped. ... The kudos first goes to the people involved, but some kudos to the creation of the voice command technology.

And Finally… Give it a burl!

Everybody should be speaking Australian, says Rev. Richmund

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