Security event management: 14 questions to ask before you buy

Today's security event management technology boasts more brain power than ever, but many organizations fail to realize its full promise. Here are the key questions you need to ask to ensure the solution you choose will deliver.

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Demand for security information and event management (SIEM) technology is high, but that doesn’t mean businesses are running these products and services smoothly.

According to a report from Gartner, large companies are reevaluating SIEM vendors due to partial, marginal or failed deployments. While the core technology has changed little in the last decade, its use cases and the pace at which businesses have adopted it have prompted a transformation, experts say.

“SIEM was a complex technology for the most entrenched, smartest companies, but today we see it adopted by less-mature organizations,” says Anton Chuvakin, research VP at Gartner. “That’s caused the evolution in the tech that we’ve witnessed recently. It’s getting more brain power.”

That brain power — largely in the form of big data capabilities — has pushed SIEM past its days as a long-term event archival system that businesses deployed to meet basic compliance standards. Now, the need to thwart enterprise threats is driving adoption.

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