Forget the Samsung Galaxy S7 -- you'll want a Galaxy X, in 2017 [updated]

Samsung Galaxy X rumors fly. Bendy smartphones. Uncanny Valley. Sad Tim.

The Samsung Galaxy X range will have foldable screens, with release date early next year. Deep-throat rumor-mongers say there’ll be two models, different from the upcoming Galaxy S8 range.

[Developing story: Updated 7:26 am PT with more comment]

So forget today’s ho-hum, derivative, Samsung Galaxy S7. Finally, we’re going to see major change in smartphone form-factors. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers compare and contrast.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Cat-faced humidifier

So what’s the craic? Jungah “ddukshiali” Lee whispers in dark corners, with those ever-present “people familiar with the matter:” considering introducing two new smartphone[s] that will feature bendable soon as early 2017. ... That would likely give it a head start on new...iPhones.

Codenamed “Project Valley,” Samsung could unveil one or soon as February, [at] Mobile World of the people said. ... Samsung doesn’t plan to market the new...models under the Galaxy S of the people said.

Samsung declined to comment. ... While has previously [shown] videos featuring foldable concept[s], it has never made such a device commercially.

But what’s the point? Why bendy screens? John Kennedy unfurls the story—Samsung could release smartphones with bendable screens:

The devices [could] use organic light-emitting diodes. ... One that can fold in half and another with a 5in screen that can be unfurled into an 8in tablet. the world’s biggest supplier of OLED panels for mobile devices. [It has] pioneered new screen formats. [It] demonstrated a rollable OLED screen...last month.

I don’t get it. Who’s excited by that idea? Anthony Martins Rock is:

The possibility of a phone/device that can have a bigger screen than a 6" but take up less room than a 4 inch phone in your pocket. I think this would be great.

Oh, I see. Good point. llort agrees:

Major props to [Samsung] for at least trying something radical in this Meanwhile if rumors are to be believed, Apple’s...iPhone 7 will look near identical to its predecessor and its predecessor’s predecessor.

But wait. Haven’t we heard all this before? David Meyer gets déjà vu:

Samsung has been teasing the world with its vision of a foldable smartphone for the last few years. ... Sam Mobile, a site that specializes in Samsung leaks...predicted that the device would appear early this year, which clearly didn’t happen.

Thought so. What’s taking Sammy so long? Duncan Riley drives the point home: [You're fired -Ed.]

Samsung...has theoretically had the technology to make a “flexible” phone since...2014. [It said] it had mastered the manufacture of Graphene, a material that if implemented properly could allow for the deployment of such phones.  

[But] just because you have found a way to manufacture Graphene doesn’t necessarily mean if can immediately be applied. ... In Samsung’s case that would be making pretty much most of the components flexible to allow for a bendable phone.

Update: Some Apple fanbois hope to see Cupertino copy^H^H^H^Hinnovate this idea. For example, here’s mrkramer, with no hint of irony:

I hope this technology works. It would be awesome if we eventually saw an iPhone using it that when folded was about the 3.5" screen size of the 4S and could unfold to phablet size when needed.

Pro tip: If you want to call someone a moron, but don’t want to appear rude, just say “no offense” afterwards. It’s like magic! Just watch igorsky :

Anyone who buys any gen 1 product from Samsung is a moron, no offense. Especially a gen 1 product that they haven't copied off of anyone yet.

And Finally…

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