Google wants all Android phones to be like Nexus

Hiroshi trolls ODMs and carriers. Good luck with that.

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Hiroshi Lockheimer

Soon, Google Nexus won't just be a nice idea, it'll be Android law. La GOOG is planning to punish partners that don't push updates quickly.

Or so the rumor-mongers say, whispering of a secret list of naughty ODMs, which just might become a public list soon. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't wait to peruse it. Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

What’s the craic? Jack Clark and Scott Moritz tag-team to report Google Steps Up Pressure on Partners:

Getting phone makers and carriers to update to the latest version...has been one of [Google's] thorniest challenges. [So] it’s using both carrots and keep the world’s most popular [platform] up to date.

Keeping Android fresh and unified is an increasingly mobile world. ... So far, that’s not happening, creating fragmentation.

Google is making progress persuading [partners] to install security updates quicker. [It's also] using more forceful tactics. ... According to people familiar with the has drawn up lists that rank [ODMs] by how up-to-date their handsets are. [Google] has discussed making it public.

Google is reducing its reliance on the update process too. ... In other words, bigger sticks and tastier carrots.

It's about time. Duncan Riley says Google may start naming and shaming:

[It's] a long overdue move. ... Phones run different versions...due to the fact that manufacturers and/or telcos fail to provide updates...exposing users to security risks.

Updates take months [or] even years to make their way to...users. And that’s if they ever get them at all. ... The best you can say about Google’s proposal to name and that it’s a start.

First-world problems? Here's Chris Chavez—Google wants to shame Android OEMs who are slow with updates:

There are few things worse...than being stuck on an...outdated version of Android. ... Android’s openness has always been a 2-edged sword...a running joke.

[The] ranking system is something Google already distributes internally. But...making them public...would take things to a whole new level. ... Google is also reportedly working with carriers to cut down on the length of testing.

How to best illustrate the problem? With data, silly. Vlad Dudau impales the OEMs and carriers:

Nowhere can this issue be seen better than in [the] usage numbers. ... Only 7.5% of devices are running...the most recent version. [Most] users are still stuck on a version two to three years old.

Let's hear from the mythological arm of a political dynasty. What does Griffin Kennedy have to say? [You're fired -Ed.]

Google needs to take a cue from Apple. ... They need to take back some of the control [and] tell the carriers to go **** themselves.

If someone like Verizon or AT&T [wants to pre-install] slacker radio or NFL Mobile or Vz Navigater...put it in the Google play store. ... Without the carriers in the way, the OEM would be able to update...with their modified skin much faster.

Meanwhile, Cupertino grins, smugly. A probable-parody of Apple SVP Craig Federighi cries with laughter:

Google threatening to "Name and Shame" Android OEM's slow to push out updates. LOL, Like we don't already know.

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